Nintendo is celebrating Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary this year in a big way, and one of the products announced for that celebration is the new “Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.” — A special release of the handheld electronic game and watch device that was created by legendary game designer Gunpei Yokoi.

To give fans a closer look at what’s in store for this retro comeback release, Nintendo has released a brand new video that shows off the special Game & Watch handheld. In addition to having a classic design, the device is fitted with a modern LCD display, a digital clock, and a rechargeable battery with a USB connector. The games installed include the original Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, and a special version of Ball with a Super Mario theme to it.

Here are the specs listed from the official Nintendo website:


Name Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
Package contents Game & Watch system + 30cm USB Cable type C-A
Size Height 67mm, Length 112mm, Depth 12.5mm
Weight .15 lbs
Internal battery Lithium Ion
Play time Approx. 8 hours
Charging time Approx. 3.5 hours

Check out our feature on Nintendo’s plans for Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary. The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. handheld device will be released on November 13 this year.