Did you know that some time from 2006 to 2007, Arkane Studio, the developers behind Prey and Dishonored were working on the new Half-Life game? Dubbed as Return to Ravenholm, or Half-Life 2 Episode 4, the game took place in the European town of Ravenholm and was said to feature story told by a new character perspective. The title obviously never took off, and since it’s a cancellation we have a few screenshots to see what the title had looked like. Well now we get our first real look at some actual gameplay footage.

The gameplay footage comes from the crowdfunded documentary team over at NoClip, who just so happens to be doing a documentary this month on the history of Arkane Studio. You can see the clip down below, along with the documentary trailer, which also has more footage from the canceled Half-Life 2: Episode 4 project.

The full documentary will be releasing next week, so expect to hear plenty of news revolving around the canceled Half-Life game. Once we know more info about Half-Life 2 Episode 4, we’ll let our readers know.

Do you think Valve should have released this back then or are you glad it didn’t? Let us know down in the comments.