While a PC version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn’t scheduled to release until next year, that hasn’t stopped ambitious modders from cracking the current PlayStation 4 version. So much so, that an editor has now been released, giving players a wide variety of moddable options, including the ability to play as Red XIII.

Earlier today, Xeeynamo (creator of many editors, most recently Kingdom Hearts 3)  pushed the new update to his Kingdom Hearts save editor, giving us our first taste at modding Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Although limited in terms of what a PC version would be able to produce, the editor allows users to manage their inventory, materia, character levels, amongst a few other things. What is however most surprising is that the editor gives functions to allow Red XIII to be fully playable in combat.

For those unaware, it was confirmed last month by Final Fantasy 7 Remake co-director, Naoki Hamaguchi to VG247 that Red XIII would not be playable, but instead be a guest party member.  This meant that he would be able to aid you in combat during certain sections, however, the player would not be able to take control of him as the other members. This, of course, disappointed many as Red XIII in the original release had controllable functions and could be swapped into the party freely when he was available.

So it should come to no surprise that modders were able to get him working, though this was more so expected from the PC release rather than the PS4. We’ve tested the editor out ourselves, though could not get Red XIII functions to work so we went ahead and manually did it to verify that this is indeed possible.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Red XIII Gameplay

Sadly the character does not stick for very long as the party usually resets once a member has left or after a major cutscene. This likely won’t be fixed in the PS4 version as it probably needs some major game file reworking, which this editor does not perform.

Outside of the editor, we have performed a few other surprising functions, such as switching the playable character altogether for the game world. We have managed to freely roam the world as any of the other available members in the game, and you can see this is some of the screengrabs we got.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t stick either and if not is broken as the game tends to freeze, and/or prevent progress. This is due to these models not being capable of performing certain world actions.

The editor does have other features such as messing with character placements, though that can lead to some buggy experiences. We’ll be doing a deeper dive into that later. In the meantime, if you wish the use the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Editor you should know, although it is free to download, it does require the purchase of the PS4 save editor tool, Save Wizard in order for it to work.

Current features of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Save Editor

  • Add, modify or remove Materia
  • Add, modify or remove Inventory items
  • Add, change or remove materia installed into weapons
  • Character teleportation to different locations or Out of Bounds
  • Play as Red XIII
  • Advanced features to research un-discovered content in the save