It appears that Square Enix may be announcing some old and new content for their catalog pretty soon, as a rumor posted at ResetEra has suggested that a PS5 edition of last year’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake is on the cards as well as a brand new entry in the Life Is Strange series.

Here’s what ResetEra user Navtra had to say about the two titles:

“Square announcements are piling up. We’re getting XIV‘s next expansion’s reveal next month and VIIR PS5 & Life is Strange 3 should be soon after.

“Thing is, talking “when” is tricky due to the current circumstances. Games that were targeting this quarter for release as late as last summer didn’t even get trailers since. So I can never be too sure about when something is announced/released.

“With that said, I believe we’re getting these announcement sometime in February. I just can’t be 100% sure about it.”

It’s no surprise that Square Enix may release a FF7R PS5 version — it was one of the most anticipated games since being formally announced in 2015 after years of speculation, and after being released as a timed exclusive for the PS4 last year it became one of the best-selling games of all time. A rerelease on the PS5 with new enhancements like ray tracing would definitely improve the replay value for diehard fans. We thought highly of the game too, with our review giving it an impressive 9.5/10 score.

A new Life Is Strange entry on the other hand would definitely please fans of the series, but it isn’t known yet whether it will be known as “Life Is Strange 3” or something else entirely.

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