It’s going to be quite a festive pre-Valentine’s Day celebration for Final Fantasy 7 fans this coming weekend, as Square Enix Music will be holding a Final Fantasy 7 Orchestra World Tour event on February 13 — which will celebrate the music and sounds from the remake of one of the most critically acclaimed Japanese RPGs of all time.

Taking to the official Square Enix page, FF7R co-director Motomu Toriyama said that he was looking forward to the event and to interact with fans as well.

Initially perceived as an announcement that there would be updates on FF7R’s next chapter, Gematsu set the record straight with a translation of what Toriyama-san actually said.

“Hello, I’m (Motomu) Toriyama, the co-director of Final Fantasy VII Remake. We’re finally going to hold the orchestra concert this weekend. Not only will there be songs from the original game, but many new songs were also written for Final Fantasy VII Remake, so I’m looking forward to the orchestra playing those. There’ll be the performance of course, but there’s also a bonus program in which I participate and talk about a little bit about Final Fantasy VII Remake, which you’ll only be able to hear (in the program). So it would be much appreciated if you tune into that as well! It’ll be held online, so let’s keep the excitement going by sending each other comments! I hope we have a good time together!”

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