Just last month, we posted a fan-made horror game created using Media Molecule’s Dreams. If you’re not a fan of horror games, or just want something new to play, a fan has created an actual Sonic game created using Dreams called “Sonic: Wild Blur.”

Redditor GumballerYT along with Ninjacat2118 have created a platformer on Dreams for SEGA’s mascot! Check out the gameplay below, and we’ve included the download link and other info as well. Remember: you need Dreams in order to play it.

[Video] I made a Sonic game in Dreams! from PS4

Sonic: Wild Blur download link (requires Dreams)

Currently, it’s been played by more than 13,000 gamers already, and has an impressive 1,999 recommendations. Of course, given this is a game based on SEGA’s license, there’s no telling whether SEGA will have this pulled down eventually, so play it while you can now.

If you know of some other awesome creation in Dreams, reach out to us and we’ll post it on the site!

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