In case you’re not familiar with Media Molecule’s Dreams, it’s a game that lets you create your own game, trailers and more. While we’ve already seen a project like Ghost of Tsushima remade in Dreams (in trailer form anyway), we now have a full-fledged Dreams PS4 horror game called “Sereno.”

Reddit user OpyGam3r created the first-person horror game, and not only is there a full-on gameplay demo/playthrough with it, but it’s also live now!

Those interested in it can download the game right here. Note that you need Dreams in order to play it. If you liked what you saw or played, you can like it via the link above (even if you don’t have Dreams), so that it’ll show up in the trending section and other Dreams players will be aware of it.

For more on Dreams, check out this fan-made re-imagining of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Zombies map. Who knows? We might get more than just a trailer out of this down the line as well.

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