While we’ve already covered some awesome fan-made games made in Media Molecule’s Dreams, this one brings it up a notch, as it’s a recreation of the original Legend of Zelda (released for the NES in 1986). Important to note, while it is available for download now, it’s more of a tech demo more than anything else, and chances are, Nintendo will have this taken down fast.

Check out gameplay of the Dreams Legend of Zelda remake below:

Created by “Relevant-ish,” those who own Dreams can download it here. Check out the game info and more details below.

This level is primarily a tech demo / showcase that will feature gameplay mechanics and visuals for the project, it will not ever be a full game because of thermo limitations.
To do:
– Bats (Keese)
– Chests
– Pushing mechanic
– Inventory / Menu

As of the moment, it has been played over close to 13, 000 times, with over 4,600 thumbs up from the Dreams community. Not bad. If you want to give this a go, best to do it now before Nintendo takes it down.

Aside from this one, we’ve also posted a fan-made Sonic game made in Dreams, as well as one featuring an original horror game titled “Sereno.”

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