Dragon Ball Z Kakarot players, Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2 have released the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot update 1.30 October 26 patch, and it brings a new mode into the game! This is a free content update, and it adds what Bandai Namco calls the Dragon Ball Card Warriors mode.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Update 1.30 October 26 Patch Notes:

  • Added “Dragon Ball Card Warriors”
  • Added an Auto Text Advance feature for dialogue events.
  • Added notifications for Super Attaxk Skill Tree unlocks.
  • Added notifications for sub story unlocks
  • Improved level-up notifications.
  • Added Villainous Mira.
  • Adjusted animation for the God Kamehameha Super Attack.
  • Improved display on the title screen notifying players of available content.
  • Made other adjustments.

Details per the official press release sent out:

Beginning today, DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT players will have a new skill to master as the new DRAGON BALL CARD WARRIORS mode debuts as a free update for the game. Players will have a chance to build a robust deck of battle-cards and take their tactical skills online to challenge players from around the globe in fast paced and exciting matches of strategic cardsmanship.

If you see any gameplay-related changes or fixes, let us know what you find down in the comments below. Go check out our review of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot here to see if the RPG is worth a pick up or not.

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