For those without a PlayStation 4 and excited to play Hideo Kojima’s latest title, Death Stranding, the PC version will walk its way out this June 2. While that might be good news for most, here’s something to dampen that: it’s been confirmed today that the Death Stranding PC version will incorporate Denuvo for anti-piracy.

This has been revealed by the Death Stranding Steam page, which we’ve taken a screenshot of:

While 505 Games’ goal is noble, Denuvo has been the bane of some PC gamers given its high CPU usage (among other things). Some attest that it can even cause issues for SSDs (Solid-State Drives) given the software’s excessive writing to protect the title from being pirated.

Honestly speaking, Denuvo or not, pirates will find a workaround for it (as they usually do), which will further add to the frustration of some gamers, since this means it’s in the game for nothing.

Are you a fan of Denuvo’s anti-tampering tech or should 505 go with something else? If you want to see what we make of Death Stranding, head on over here for our PS4 review.

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