The Art of Death Stranding may be a little over a week away from release, but like all things, it would appear that copies have leaked ahead, giving us some early look at Death Stranding cut content via concept art.

Be warned as some of the images down below may be considered as spoilers, despite them being unused designs. So if you haven’t made it far, or haven’t finished it, proceed at your own discretion.

Taking to Reddit, user Belakor110 shared a number of images from the artbook, containing early concepts by artist Yoji Shinkawa, revealing some new BTs (Beached Things,) characters, and vehicles, along with a look at some animations that never made the cut for the final release of Death Stranding.

First up is a look at some early concept of characters such as Higgs and Sam Bridges along with what appears to be a design for a police force.

The next set shows off a few of the vehicles the teams were designing (with more characters) and the final design of the Trike Bike that made it into the game.

A grenade weapon that never made it into the game that creates a hologram projection.

The next set of images show an unused animation for the BTs. In the game, BT’s currently come out of the ground from their liquid substance. The was actually different in early designs, with them being born out of the sky.

An image of the stranded crab from various angles. We haven’t checked in-game, but supposable this is their appearance if you look at them from a different perspective.

Next up is a look at some of the unused Beached Things enemies that never made it into the final release of the game. The imagery is captioned with the reason for not being in the game as the team felt they gave off too much of a “gam-ish feel” and didn’t hold enough artistic weight to them. Personally, some of these are pretty terrifying to look at and I would have loved to see them make it into the game.

Certainly, some really cool designs in there, though it is understandable for a few of them as to why they would clash with the game’s overall artistic choice. Which early Death Stranding Concept art was your favorite? Let us know down below!

Death Stranding is now available on the PlayStation 4, with the PC version launching sometime this year. If you already have it, check out the changes made in the 1.10 patch.

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