It seems like a real coincidence that Hideo Kojima’s latest game “Death Stranding” has elements that echo the situation the world faces now — with a global pandemic forcing us to adjust to the trying times and relying on couriers to bring our goods and packages to us.

That didn’t escape the notice of Kojima and writer Kenji Yano, as they relayed on a new video interview on IGN the parallels the game has with the real world and what’s been happening throughout 2020.

Translating his thoughts, Kojima compared the situation to the message he wanted to convey through Death Stranding — where people needed to build bridges and come together to help each other in times of crisis and emergency, such as the pandemic.

I looked at the world at that time — though the same is happening now with the coronavirus pandemic — and I felt it was becoming divided, and that people were becoming isolated. The situation was the same all over the world. America, Europe, everywhere. But thanks to the internet, the world is increasingly connected. Using social media has become second nature, and technology such as Wi-Fi and mobile tech keep people in touch with each other.

Writer Kenji Yano on the other hand shared a story about Kojima being inspired by a story from Japanese sci-fi writer Sakyo Komatsu, and praising both men for being able to “foresee the future”.

Around the peak of Death Stranding’s development period, Mr. Kojima often spoke about a Japanese sci-fi writer called Sakyo Komatsu. He wrote a novel called “Virus”, which was made into a movie in about 1980. Lots of people are rewatching it now, because of the coronavirus situation. It’s about a bacteriological weapon that almost wipes out the human race, leaving only a small group of survivors at the South Pole, looking to the future for their “Day of Resurrection.”

Death Stranding also “got things right” about the current pandemic, in a sense. People being unable to go outside, becoming isolated… I’ve often said that Sakyo Komatsu and Mr. Kojima are quite similar, in that they’re writers who foresee the future.

If you haven’t played Death Stranding yet be sure to check out our review on the game, which is out for the PS4 and PC.