With how succesful Days Gone has been for Sony Bend, it’s no surprise that the studuo will be developing a game on the PS5. While we don’t know some of the specifics, we do know that this Sony Bend PS5 project will be making use of “3D Audio,” which is one of the PS5’s new features.

It seems Sony Bend is looking for a Senior Staff Technical Artist, and Senior Audio Programmer (via PushSquare). Check out details of both below.

Senior Audio Programmer


  • Designing and implementing systems and tools for the audio team’s needs (such as sound propagation, environmental audio, dialogue systems, physics systems etc)
  • Supporting audio designers in their use of these systems and tools
  • Supporting and extending audio workflows and pipelines
  • Writing clear, well-documented, portable, and highly functional code
  • Profiling and performance-tuning code to remove bottlenecks
  • Testing, debugging, and assuring the functional quality of all the audio within the game
  • Participating in the design process, gathering requirements with other engineers and designers
  • Creating measurable success while being self-directed and prioritizing your own workload

Senior Staff Technical Artist

Create high quality character rigs with cinematic-quality facial articulation.
Develop and maintain character and animation tools.
Develop character rigs and skeletons that meet the technical limitations of game engines while insuring the characters movements look as realistic as possible.
Develop and implement skinning methods to achieve realistic deformation for faces, bodies, and clothes, including the creation of tools and scripts to assist in completing these tasks quickly and efficiently during production.
Develop animation tools to assist in the creation of character animation and motion capture clean up, using layers, blends, FK and IK setups, etc.

Whatever the game is, whether it’ll be Days Gone 2 or a new title altogether, don’t expect it anytime soon. If it’s anything like Days Gone, it’ll be worth the wait.

If you’ve got the chops, head on and apply via the links above.

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