Imvader Studios has released the Daymare update 1.04 August 18 patch, and it adds something new to the survival horror game! Read on below for details.

Daymare Update 1.04 August 18 patch notes:

Per Invader Studios, this patch adds the Modern-Take Mode on consoles! Check out more info onabout it in the trailer below.

Our new update brings a brand new game mode to help you out!

+ move faster
+ reload easily (no ammo management)
+ skip puzzles
+ two new maps for H.A.D.E.S. Dead End
+ and more!

We’re hoping more gameplay-related improvements are included in this patch, and if Invader releases the official notes, we’ll update the post. Don’t forget to check out our review of Daymare 1998 where we state:

I have to admit. I tapped out about half way through. Even on easy the game is a slog to endure. I really wanted to love this game. I love Survival Horror and I fully appreciate the love that went into emulating it in Daymare 1998. Invader Studios have a lot of promise and hopefully they stick around enough to evolve and hone their future titles because I think with better choices they could have had a sleeper hit on their hands. Instead, Daymare 1998 just put me to sleep.

If you spot any gameplay-related changes on consoles, let us know down in the comments. For those intersted to buy it, it’s currently at a 40 percent discount for Ultimate and Gold members, and 30 percent off for others until August 24.

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