Invader Studios has released a patch for its recently released horror game Daymare 1998. While it doesn’t include any new content, there are loads of fixes include in Daymare 1998 update 1.02. Check out the full patch notes below.

Daymare 1998 update 1.02 patch notes:

  • Fixes incorrect detection of system language
  • Fixes improper font in English language and some missing texts in Files
  • Fixes unreadable brightness description at the starting screen in Italian
  • Improvements on GPU crashes
  • Fixes for some cases where loading a checkpoint would break a saved game
  • Fixes audo and video desychro on cutscenes that could occur after switching to dashboard and back to game

If you’re still unsure whether to pick Daymare 1998 up, stay tuned to our review hitting the site soon. Who knows, this might be a good alternative to those who finished Resident Evil 3 Remake (our review of that here) and want someting new to chew on. We’ll be on the lookout if there are any gameplay-related changes included in this update and will update the post once we spot any.

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