For those looking to mesmerize themselves with a dose of claustrophobia and isolation like that of the Alien movies, indie game developer Kuklam Studios and publisher Games Operators have revealed their new survival horror title coming to Steam in CryoSpace — which looks every parts creepy and terrifying as you struggle to get you and your fellow survivors out of a ship invaded by hostile alien creatures.

Here’s the reveal trailer for the game as shared by IGN:

And here’s the overview of the game via Steam, where players take control of a maintenance guy who wakes up from cryo-sleep to a horror he could never imagine being put into.

You are not a soldier. Not a fighter. Just an ordinary maintenance guy caught in the midst of strange events. Yet you have to fight. And you are forced to run. But above all: you must help frozen crew members survive on a spaceship in the middle of nowhere. You are the only one who can save others from death or eternal cryo-sleep. You are made a hero against your will. You become a leader. A slayer.
Only the smartest will survive.

A massive starship navigates through outer space, far from all planets, other vessels, or celestial bodies. On its deck, in cryogenic sleep, future colonizers, workers, soldiers, and… someone or something else.

Key features:

  • Explore the shipwreck, find supplies and help other survivors
  • Solve puzzles, avoid traps
  • Defeat strange alien creatures
  • Manage the resources of your small team of survivors

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CryoSpace is slated to be released on PC via Steam sometime in 2022.