Control Update 1.08 has been released, bringing with it support for the upcoming DLC along with fixes and performance improvements.

The patch weighs roughly 3.3GB and is currently available on the PlayStation 4. Down below is the full details around the patch, though the main beef of it is support for the Foundation expansion.

Control Update 1.08 Patch Notes

  • Foundation Expansion (releases March 26th)
  • Improved Map functionality
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

In addition to adding support for The Foundation Expansion, there are now 10 brand-new trophies which you can find below. We’ll hide keep the hidden ones a secret to avoid any spoilers.

Control The Foundation Trophy List

10 new trophies. 7 bronze, and 3 silver.

  • Bronze – Hostile Work Environment – Kill 50 Hiss Sharpened
  • Bronze – Niche Position – Find all hidden locations in the Foundation
  • Bronze – Subterranean Research – Collect all Collectibles in the Foundation
  • Bronze – Supportive Staff – Have a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies
  • Bronze – Hidden
  • Bronze – Hidden
  • Bronze – Hidden
  • Silver – A Strong Foundation – Complete all Missions in the Foundation
  • Silver – Rush Job – Kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush
  • Silver – <Make/Unmake> – Use Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 times

Control Foundation expansion will be launching this week on the PlayStation 4, with the PC and Xbox getting it later in June.

About the Foundation expansion:

The Foundation will delve into the history of the Oldest House. At the request of the ever-mysterious Board, Jesse must explore what lies beneath the Bureau as she returns order to the Foundation and the Oldest House itself. Expect things to get weird.

Control is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.