The producer of Mortal Shell recently took part in a QA, confirming that there are no current Mortal Shell DLC planned and that the title would not feature microtransactions and why they chose to go with the surprise $30 price point.

Speaking with Fextralife during a live Q&A, Mortal Shell’s producer, Kiron Ramdewar confirmed the team is not actively working on any Mortal Shell DLC and has no plans until the game has Shipped.

Kiron Ramdewar: “There’s nothing I can kind of talk about at the moment. We would love to do more shells, I know the guys had some cool ideas for different shells, different weapons, but again, we are all completely focused at the moment to make the game we are working on as good as it can be. We’re not working actively on any DLC at the moment, so until we’ve shipped the game, we will not be working on DLC.”

A bit later on in the Q&A, Ramdewar elaborated a bit more of the studio’s philosophy when it came to making DLC and what the price point meant for players along with any possible future DLC.

Kiron Ramdewar:“We aren’t doing any microtransactions, I want to make that super clear. No microtransactions. If we’re doing DLC we want it to be something, and this goes back to our ethnics on the actual game itself. A lot of people were quite surprised when we did announce yesterday, we announced that the game would be at the price point of $30 on launch, and that goes for the release on console and PC as well. And the reason why its price like that is because we were looking at the market and we were thinking “okay if we were to launch ourselves at a full-price game, we would essentially be asking you to put the same money you put down for something like Dark Souls 3, right? And that doesn’t feel fair as a player, because we are doing a 20-hour game and not a 60-hour game. So we try to make a fair price point on that , that we felt as players ourselves they’d sense. So the quality is still there, but the price point is there to reflect the amount of time that we think players will get out of the game and get something that is value for money.  Likewise, with DLC, I  think when we do DLC, if we do DLC, there are no plans right now for it, um, that we’d want to do something that exactly felt added to the game, that gave players a reason to come and play and also good value for them for what they’re doing. It’s really important for us, we want players to be happy with what they’re playing” He continues, “no one wants to feel ripped off”

He then went on to talk about if they did decide to do any future DLC, they would want the price to match appropriately with what people were buying. Not a bad mindset at all, and we ourselves were pretty surprised to see a $30 price tag on Mortal Shell, given how it looks visually. Although we do suppose that this should give us an idea as to what to expect in terms of game length and content compared to a standard soul’s game. Mortal Shell is currently targeting a Q3 launch of this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A PC beta is also being targeted for July 3.