Capcom’s Resident Evil Ambassador program has issued an update for members who have reached a specific tier, specifying an announcement of some sort will be made around June 10.

No further details as to what this announcement is relating to, though, for those unaware, the Resident Evil Ambassador Program offers members a wide variety of benefits. These include participation in events, priority game testing at game shows, an invitation to the ambassador discussion, and invitations to playtest. The latter of the two is meant to help with whatever game development Capcom may need, while the formers are unlikely since nearly all gaming related events have been canceled.


This announcement comes weeks after the rumor of  Resident Evil 4 Remake being in development, and though nothing indicates this is what that is for, one does have to wonder what kind of feedback would Capcom be seeking if it were for an existing released game. Considering they have a full community of players from both the remakes and Resistance, we can’t picture this being related to those games at all outside of possible new content. In fact, there have only been two known instances since the program began in 2016 that members received any kind of major game updates.  Back in 2019 Capcom invited select members of the Resident Evil Ambassador program to test out an unreleased Resident Evil game, which ended up being Resident Evil: Resistance. Prior, members received emails, one being for Resident Evil 7 demo and how there was a collectible dummy finger that had a puzzle tied to it. Whatever it is, I suppose Ambassador members will find out come June 10. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep you all updated if any new development surfaces.