Did you know that at one point, Hanger 13 (Mafia) was in charge of developing a new IP after the release of Mafia 3 only for it to be cancelled? Dubbed “Rhapsody,” the title was said to take place in 1980’s Berlin and focused on the world of espionage. It never did see the light of day, and since the developers have moved onto other projects, though it would appear with the re-release of the Mafia Collection that some leftover files have been found, giving us the first look into the cancelled Hanger 13 spy game.

Youtuber Sliderv2 uploaded their findings, showing off a full, incomplete scale of Berlin in Mafia 3.

Excerpt from Kotaku who reported on the canceled project a few years back:

This new IP would become Rhapsody, a game about subterfuge in 1980s Berlin. You’d play as a Russian Jew whose parents had been murdered in a Soviet labor camp. He’d be rescued by Americans, then recruited to join a spy organization called Rhapsody. “It was hitting a lot of the beats we were good at,” said one person on the project. Like Mafia III, this game would put you in the shoes of someone who was treated as subhuman by the people around him and thought largely in terms of vengeance. “He’s doing missions, trying to save the world and get revenge on whoever killed his parents, trying to decide between the personal good and the public good.”

Along with this, a few unfinished content were also found in the files, one being a planned cargo plane mission, while another was a supposed revisit to Empire Bay in a flashback scene.

Shame that the Hangar 13 spy game was canceled, could have been really fun to explore the city of Berlin. Perhaps one day Hanger 13 will be able to revisit it, but until then we can at least look forward to the remake of Mafia 1.

Credit source to VG247