Inti Creates and ArtPlay have released the Bloodstained Ritual of the Night update 1.18 November 10 patch, and this adds the Bloodless character as well as a few other changes to the game. Check out the trailer and details below.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Update 1.18 November 10 Patch Notes:

Bloodless rises to become the newest playable character in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night! Enter BLOODLESS as the name of a new save file to play!

The Bloodstained community has shown us incredibly support, patience, and understanding as we’ve worked to complete each new stage of development and add content. To thank the community, we are releasing Bloodless today for free as a BONUS playable character!

Bloodless is available to all players, even if you haven’t previously completed the game. Just start a new game and name the save file BLOODLESS (make sure to use ALLCAPS). You will hear Bloodless’ voice and see her as a character option. Choose her, select your difficulty and start the game!

As you explore the castle, you will discover crystal globes that will grant Bloodless new skills and improve her attributes. Each addition making her more deadly to her enemies. Increase your power and defeat your enemies!

Update Notes

Version 1.18 will address the following issues:

Bloodless Playable Character

 – Name a new save file “BLOODLESS” to access the new playable character. 

Randomizer bug fixes 

 – Fixed the algorithm so it wouldn’t create invalid seeds 

– Implemented safety chests and lamp, so previously invalid seeds can now be completed. These safety chests will contain the required item to complete. 

Randomizer number of possibilities 

1152 combinations from settings: 

    • 3 GOAL x 2 KEY ITEM x 2 SAVE/WARP x 3 ITEM x 4 ENEMY DROP x 2 CRAFTING x 2 SHOP x 2 QUEST = 1152 combinations 

65,536 combinations per set 

The seed consists of 31 bits. 15 of those bits are used to store the settings generated by the initial choices the player makes. The remaining 16 bits are used to generate the randomness in the seed. 

    • 2^16 =  65,536 combinations. 

Total number of possible combinations for the entire mode: 

    • 1152 settings x 65,536 seed combinations = 75,487, 472 total combinations. 

Other Changes 

– Fixed issue with clan names showing in Save File Selection Screen 

– Fixed an issue with clan names in credits 

– Fixed minor audio issues 

That’s it for this title update that adds a free character to the excellent action game. Check out our review of it here.

Source: PlayBloodstained

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