Just last week, the gaming world was rocked by the sudden appearance of a gameplay demo of Black Myth Wukong; an action game being developed by relatively unkown Chinese studio Game Science Studio that looked all kinds of amazing.

While the devs mentioned that the gameplay was in pre-alpha footage, some pundits exclaimed that this can’t possibly be actual gameplay, but was instead, cinematics masquerading as gameplay. I’m happy to say that Game Science boss Feng Ji show himself playing off-screen just to prove it is actual gameplay!

Over on weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter), Feng Ji posted a message thanking people for the love they’ve given the gameplay debut, but also announced that they will go into hibernation now as they continue in finishing the title.

Here’s a translation by ResetEra user Arthands:

Basic gist is he’s saying they are just trying to recruit people with this honest little video, and they ended up getting viewed as some industry superstar. There are signs of it in the video that shows the game is some sort of a kit bash work and you can find flaws if you look. He is happy that the video is helping people to find comfort in this period of time, and the team is happy with the reception, but they are going into the background for a while to continue working hard so people can forget them for a while (essentially saying they won’t provide any update in the foreseeable future)

While it’s a bummer that we won’t be getting any new details about Black Myth Wukong anytime soon, it’s quite comforting to know that the devs are telling the truth. You can bet we’ll be keeping our eyes on this one very closely.

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