Bethesda has announced that they have canceled their digital event set for June, as the studio faces challenges working around COVID-19.

This news comes from Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda Softworks’ public relations and marketing department.

Given the many challenges we’re facing due to the pandemic, we will not host a digital Showcase in June. We have lots of exciting things to share about our games and look forward to telling you more in the coming months.

For those unaware, this event was meant as a replacement to their annual E3 conference since that even was also canceled. It’s a bit of a bummer, but understandable as most people are self-quarantining and working from home at this moment. The bright side of things is, at least they still plan on showcasing some of their games later on during the year. One of those titles will hopefully be Ghostwire: Tokyo since it was originally planned for E3 along with a number of other games. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted, and hopefully, we hear more sooner than later.