After nearly five years since release, Batman Arkham Knight for the PlayStation 4 is receiving a “new” piece of content for everybody. Starting today, Batman Arkham Knight owners on the PlayStation 4 will be able to download the Batman Arkham Knight Earth 2 skin, a skin that has since the release of Arkham Knight been tied to pre-Orders, special editions, and collections.

The Earth-2 Batman is unique as the man behind the mask isn’t Bruce Wayne, but instead Thomas Wayne. We all know the origin of Batman, an unfortunate night where Thomas and Martha Wayne were brutally shot in crime alley. However, on Earth-2 the story is different and rather than the parents taking the bullet, it ends up being the young Bruce Wayne. This sets off a chain of events, Thomas Wayne takes up the Batman mantle and runs on a murdering rampage against criminals, whereas Martha becomes this universe’s Joker. The story is a pretty fun read and I highly suggest anyone to give it a read.

Anyway back to the Earth-2, this version of Batman is probably one of the more terrifying ones, mostly due to the bloodshot eye coloring. You can find an image of Batman Arkham knight earth 2 down below.

It is important to note that the skin is not entirely new, although if you missed out on the initial Pre-Order bonus and just got the standard edition then its “new” to you. As for Xbox One owners, sadly the skin still isn’t available on the platform.

This addition is a rather neat surprise but Rocksteady, considering the age of the game. I might just hop back on to try it out myself.