When the original Assassin’s Creed released it was met with mixed criticism. Some loved it and some hated it, but one common criticism was that the title was a tad repetitive, and the side Assassin’s Creed side missions were a heavy chore to complete.  Well, as it turns out the game nearly shipped without those side missions. This was until the son of the CEO at Ubisoft played the game, criticizing that there was not enough to do and that it was boring.

Former Ubisoft developer, Charles Randall took to Twitter this morning to talk about just that moment, and how the team only had five days to add those side missions.

And thats the story of how Assassin’s Creed got side missions. Being given only just five days to add them, its no wonder why they felt repetitive. This also goes without saying that some of them were buggy, and in fact one particular bug prevented players from 100% completing the game. Charles explained the reasoning behind this bug.

And there you have, the store behind that pesky notorious bug.