Ex-Naughty Dog director, Amy Hennig sits down with the cast of Uncharted 3 to discuss her favorite moments working on the series and what she has taken to heart from the overall experience.

This week’s episode of Retro Replay was a pretty special one, as the cast of Uncharted 3 reunited once more to talk about their work on Uncharted 3. A particular portion that stuck out, however, was when ex-Naughty Dog director, Amy Hennig was asked what she was most proud of from working on the series. Here is what she had to say:

You know what I’m most proud of is how we made something partly intentional, and partly by accident that everyone loves. Like, the demographics of the game, from young and old, people played with their parents, people played with their spouses, women loved it, men loved it. It just struck the cord, it was like this sort of adventure comfort food for everyone. And that’s something I’ve taken to heart with my work going forward. We’ve had so many people come to me with such lovely stories, with how they shared it with family members and has brought them together, people who have played it with their parents on their death beds and they hung out and hung out to play the latest game together. Again, better than any trophies and better than Harrison Ford playing your games, just knowing people had these moments. And of course, it was the most fun I had on any project ever was working with you guys. I missed it. Amy Said, “The affection of what we made is amazing.”

We miss you too, Amy, and hopefully, your next project is just as successful as the Uncharted series was. Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog back in 2017 with no reason provided. She has since then gone to work at EA in 2017 on a Star Wars project, although that has since been canceled due to Visceral Games’ closure.

She is currently the head of a new internal studio at Skydance Media that is said to be focusing on the emerging streaming platforms.

In other Naughty Dog news, a massive The Last of Us 2 leak shocked the gaming world last week, with Sony announcing just the other day that they have identified the individuals involved.