With The Last of Us 2 now slowly being available worldwide (depending where you are in the world), gamers will find a lot to deal with. While it’s fun trudging through everything on your own, we have five The Last of Us 2 settings and options tips to make your experience much more enjoyable! And before anyone asks, nope, this won’t affect Trophies at all.

In no particular order, make sure to you enable these settings for the best gameplay experience that will let you focus on the story and gameplay rather than fumbling your way. Note that these can be turned on and off at any time during your playthrough without any penalties.

The Last of Us 2 Settings and Options tips:

Collectible Tracking:

Collectible Tracking – Displays a special icon when a collectible has already been picked up in a previous playthrough.

Our thoughts: This is particularly handy for those who want to Platinum the game, and doesn’t want to waste time running around the different levels.

Auto Pick-Up:

Auto Pick-Up – Automatically picks up nearby ammo and ingredients.

Our thoughts: Why waste time pressing triangle everytime you pass something useful when you can have the AI do it for you? Note that your inventory limit will prevent you from picking certain items at times, so make sure to craft, craft, craft!

Enhanced Listen Mode:

Enchanced Listen Mode – Enables the abilty to scan for items (circle) and enemies (square) whilein listen mode.
Send out a scan triggering audio cues at the target’s location. The pitch of the sound changes baed on the target’s height relative to you.

Our thoughts: This will make taking out clickers — or avoiding them — much easier.

Navigational Assistance:

Navigational Assistance – Pressing L3 faces the camera in the direction of story progression, marking the path to follow.

If Enhanced Listen Mode is also enabled, then pressing L3 while in listen mode (hold R1) will instead direct the player towards the most recently scanned item or enemy.

Our thoughts: While The Last of Us isn’t open-world, it does offer alternate paths from time to time. The game itself also has some paths hard to see/find, and this should save you precious time in looking for ’em, and just focus on going to the right hole, door, etc.

Slow Motion Aiming:

Slow Motion Aiming – Reduces game speed when enabled.
When set to Toggle use trackpad to toggle slow motion.

Our thoughts: Possibly the biggest game-changing option available in the game, this will make pulling off headshots much, much easier, and will let you take on clickers and enemies much more aggresively.

We’ll be posting more guides on The Last of Us 2 so stay tuned! If you haven’t picked it up yet, here’s our review of Naughty Dog’s latest, and yes, it’s excellent.

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