We list some helpful Mortal Shell tips you help you on your journey. Here are five things beginners need to consider before taking the perilous plunge of Cold Symmetry’s new RPG! Don’t forget to check out our review to see why we deem this game to be well worth the hardship enemies will impose on you.

5 Mortal Shell Tips Before You Start Your Journey:

Search Areas Throughly Before Fighting The Boss

While you are free to roam an area after defeating a boss, the state of the areas may be drastically different with some locking you out of certain weapon upgrades. So if you plan on fighting a boss, be sure you have collected the two weapon upgrades that are located in every area before moving on, otherwise you may find yourself having a harder time during new game plus due to the increased difficulty.

Be Patient. Use Harden, Dodge, Then Strike

You may be tempted to try and go all out on an enemy, but more often then not this leaves you very vulnerable to attacks. So the best strategy for most enemies is wait and study their attacks. Most have a specific patterns that they follow and in most cases dodging or hardening their first attack followed by the doing the other on the next allows you to attack them after their second swing. It may take longer, but its definitely the safest.

Focus On One Shell To Unlock Fast Travel

Finding all the shells in Mortal Shell is a pretty easy task as they are all generally located near the start. Collect them all as soon as possible and then find the one you feel most comfortable with. Thats the one you might want to stick with during the first playthrough as its better to focus on upgrading one shell so you can unlock fast travel asap. It requires all the abilities to be unlocked before Sester sells it, and its a major time saver in new game plus as it helps with farming specific zones.

Find All The Weapons ASAP

Locating all the weapons really isn’t that hard. The first one is given to you by default, the other ones are located at the entrances of the other three temples. You will need to beat Hardan, the tutorial boss at each location, but he isn’t all to hard to deal with. Once you aquire all the weapons test each one out, and test them out with each Shell as some weapons are better suited for them. Once you find the weapon you like be sure to collect the upgrades, which are located in the temple that you acquired that weapon.

Die At The Start of Every Boss Fight

Unlike most Souls inspired games, Mortal Shell doesn’t feature a standard healing item that gets refilled at “bonfires” or other game world checkpoints. Instead it heavily focuses its healing through the use of items scattered throughout the world or bought from merchants.

The problem with this is one costs currency, which can get eaten fast while the other runs off a cooldown system in order to farm items. We’ll thankfully there’s a much more effective way to get health back, and that’s to die.

Anytime you die, you leave a Shell behind that can be retrieved once you spawn back into the world. This will fully restore player’s health, essentially giving them a “free” life.  This method is more so efficient when you do it during boss fights since its easier to retrieve a shell rather than during exploration.

There you have it, 5 Mortal Shell tips to help you with your journey. Hope these help, and of course there’s plenty of other ones out there so if you learn of anymore let us know in the comments below!

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