A guide to unlocking the Ghost of Tsushima Cooper Clan Trophy in the game, that’s a bit mysterious on how to get! And yes, it’s related to Sucker Punch’s previous franchise, Sly Cooper!

In order to dress as the legendary thief, Sly Cooper, you are going to need five different types of equipment. You can get most of these in any order that you would like, though we suggest getting them in the order presented below as it goes along with the main narrative for unlocking regions.

Ghost of Tsushima Cooper Clan Trophy Guide

Gosaku Armor (Body)

We have an in-depth guide available here, but this armor is required in order to unlock the trophy. You will need to get this before buying the dye as the dye will not be available until you own this armor set. Start the quest that the musician gives you, south of Akishima Village. He will mark all the required outpost needed to liberate to earn the 6 keys and then the location of the armor will be revealed.

Ocean’s Guardian Dye

This dye belongs to that of the Gosaku armor and can only be purchased once obtaining it. You will travel to Umagi Cove and talk to the merchant inside the main structure. He will be selling the dye for 10 flowers.

Sly Tanuki (Sword kit)

This is a sword kit awarded by locating a Pillar of Honor in the third region of the map. You can find the exact location of this pillar down below. You’ll have to do some climbing in order to reach it.

Crooked Kama Headband (Head)

Also found in region 3, located in Kamigata at the Jogaku. You will notice that you can hook to the lower roofs of the Jogaku temple. You can keep climbing the temple this way until you reach the top where this vanity gear will be awaiting you.


Thief’s Wrap (Mask)

This is awarded by the gift altars that are located in every main village. You will need to progress the story as it comes as a natural story reward, so be sure to keep checking them every time you progress.

Once you have gotten all the pieces, equip them and Jin will bear a resemblance to Sly Cooper. You will then be rewarded the Cooper Clan trophy.

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