Want to get the max health in Ghost of Tsushima? Aside from doing story missions, you’ll need to find the Hot Springs as well. Here’s the complete Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs locations guide, and finding all will net the player the Fundoshi Attire as well.

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs locations guide:

What do Hot Springs do?

Hot springs increase the max health of the players. Additionally, they serve as places for Jin to reflect on himself and others through additional dialogue.

Total Hot Springs – 18

Due to the size of the map found in Ghost of Tsushima, we have decided to break it apart by acts and regions so that you can have an easier time collecting them as you play. As a useful tip, we recommend purchasing the exploration technique, Wind of Health to be better pinpoint where the hot springs are. It’s not a requirement as whenever a player begins to roam in fogged covered areas, icons are automatically marked, which you can then select so the guiding wind will lead you there or fast travel once discorvered. Down below you’ll find the large regional maps marked with all the hot springs along with a breakdown of each area.

Full Maps

ACT 1 – Izuhara Hot Springs

NOTE: Ther is one located in the Hidden Springs Forest (arrival part of story progression,) an NPC overlooking the springs will tell you about the hot springs and lead you to the location. This is part of her dialogue so it only gets triggered by talking to her.

ACT 2 – Toyotama Hot Springs

Act 3 – Kamiagata Hot Springs

ACT 1 – Izuhara – 9 Hot Springs Total

Azamo – 1 Hot Spring

Tsuto – 2 Hot Spring


Ariake – 2 Hot Spring

Komatsu – 1 Hot Spring

Kashine and Komoda – 1 Hot Spring

Hiyoshi – 2  Hot Spring



ACT 2 – Toyotama – 7 Hot Springs

Akashima – 1 Hot Spring

Yarkiawa – 1 Hot Spring

Umugi and Otsuna – 2 Hot Springs

Kushi – 2 Hot Springs

Kubara – 1 Hot Spring

ACT 3 – Kamiagata – 2 Hot Springs

Kin – 1 Hot Spring

Jogaku – 1 Hot Spring

Upon collecting all of Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs, you will unlock the Fundoshi armor.

There you have it, all Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs. You are one step closer to getting every single collectible in Ghost of Tsushima!. Be sure to check out our other guides, which you can find all here: Ghost of Tsushima Guides

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