With the release of Ghost of Tsushima it’s safe to say that, regarding exclusives, the PS4 generation is over. And what a great generation it was. Sony’s exclusives output this gen was an all-timer. From first party to second party, the vast majority of Sony owned IP for their juggernaut PlayStation 4 console have been good to great. So I’ve decided to list my personal top 10 PS4 console exclusives (to clarify, this specifically means games that didn’t appear on other consoles since there are some exceptions that are on PC). In fact, there are games I wanted to but couldn’t include on this list, including Uncharted 4 and Until Dawn, two games I really enjoyed and would belong on anyone else’s list without question.

Again, this is my personal list of PS4 console games not available on any other console. So let’s keep the “but PC!” comments to ourselves. Thanks!

10. inFAMOUS: Second Son

Sucker Punch’s first of two PS4 games was a semi-sequel to the popular inFAMOUS PS3 franchise was, to me, the first game to truly show off what “next gen” was going to be this generation. Sucker Punch refined the inFAMOUS gameplay perfectly by being able to change those powers nigh on the fly by simply absorbing Neon, Video, Smoke and Concrete you could change up how you approached not only combat but navigation. Running up a wall we Neon was always something I really enjoyed doing and made finding everything on the map a joy.

Visually I will still maintain that Second Son is one of the best looking games this entire generation. That this was released within three months of launch and still goes toe to toe with later games this gen is nothing short of miraculous. The team at Sucker Punch are technical wizards and offered one of the best showcases for “next gen” (at the time) that you could get.

9. Marvel’s Spider-Man

I’m positive that Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man will be much higher on many people’s list and I can completely see why. It’s a great game. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It’s got a great story, the gameplay is polished to near perfection and the city is fun to explore. However, for me, it’s just another really good open world game that simply iterates on what has come before rather than innovates. Not that it’s a bad thing at all, but when I’m making a list of my favorite PS4 exclusives of the generation, there are eight other games I enjoyed more so I am picking nits to place it where I am.

8. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Yes, I find Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to be the better of the two PS4 Uncharted games. While Uncharted 4 has a better story, The Lost Legacy is just more fun to play. There are no flashbacks to Chloe and Nadine’s childhood to kill the pacing. Very few, if any, sections where you have to just walk and talk before getting back to the action and it has more of the Uncharted action movie set-pieces throughout.

7. Detroit: Become Human

I’m a sucker for the kind of games Quantic Dreams makes and to me Detroit: Become Human is their very best. I absolutely loved the story and all of the characters. I loved how all of the choices felt meaningful and interesting. That it’s absolutely gorgeous doesn’t hurt it either. This is a truly remarkable game and when it came out in 2018 you weren’t getting experiences like it anywhere else.

6. Death Stranding

For me, Kojima Production’s Death Stranding is such a unique, remarkable achievement in terms of game design as I’ve seen this generation. There is literally no other game like it. It’s weird, esoteric, beautiful and an absolute blast to play and engage with its many gameplay systems. How it approaches online co-operation is nothing short of genius. The only reason why it’s not higher on my list is because of the backtracking required in the last act of the game and the last two hours is essentially a long, sometimes interactive cut-scene. I get that for many it’s slow and kind of pretentious but for me, it’s a game I still think about often and want to go back to.

5. Ghost of Tsushima

The newest addition to PS4 first-party exclusive line up is also one of its best. Sucker Punch started the generation with Second Son and ended it with Ghost of Tsushima. After a slow start in Act I where I didn’t really connect with Jin or his mission to rescue his uncle from the clutches of Mongol leader, Khotun Khan, Act II changed all of that and I became fully invested in the story and the missions. Act III doesn’t quite live up to it until the end so that drags it down a bit for me. The supporting character stories and associated missions are all fantastic and one particular Mythic Tale side quest in Act II was a particular standout for me. The combat is excellent and wrings a lot of variation out with the different stances, skills and tools and the world is drop dead gorgeous and fun to explore. A fitting end to a stellar generation of games.

4. God of War

I will fully admit that I never cared for Sony Santa Monica’s God of War series. I wasn’t a fan of the gameplay and I found Kratos to be kind of obnoxious as a protagonist. Thankfully their 2018 “reboot” of sorts changed all of that and it wound up being my favorite game of that year. The way the story is told was fantastic and fresh, the depth of the combat was excellent and the world was gorgeously realized. If the inevitable sequel continues down this path then I will definitely consider myself a fan.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the few games that I was truly hyped for that met my expectations. My favorite game of 2017 offered gorgeous world, the promise of fighting robot dinosaurs and animals was incredibly realized. The science fiction story took the trope of machines taking over the world and did something really fresh and interesting with it. I am admittedly a sucker for open world games and I found Guerilla’s approach to it with its different but connected biomes, fun objectives and approach to exploration to be deeply satisfying. To say I’m excited for Forbidden West is an understatement.

horizon zero dawn 2

2. The Last of Us Part II

I’ve already written at length about how much I love Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II (you can find that here) but even that piece didn’t cover everything I truly adore about this game. I find everything that Naughty Dog attempted to do to be a resounding success. From the story, to the world, to the many gameplay improvements. I deeply love this game, it’s characters and its story of forgiveness and empathy to make this one of not only the best games this generation but one of the best games/experiences I’ve ever played.

the last of us 2 uncharted easter eggs

1. Bloodborne

I’ll say it right now; From Software’s Bloodborne is the best game I’ve ever played. I’ve been playing video games since arcades in the 70s and the true advent of home consoles and no game has affected me with its pure execution of gameplay, atmosphere, character, enemy, and world design more than Bloodborne. Prior to it, I hadn’t played any of From Software’s Souls games based purely on my ignorance due to all of the hearsay and descriptions by the developer’s vocal legion of fans. Nothing about what I was hearing regarding their difficulty, obtuse mechanics, and story made me want to play them. Due to a hole in my GameFly Que I decided to give it a shot and am I ever glad I did because it completely shifted how I look at video games on nearly every conceivable level. As far as I’m concerned it’s as close to a perfect video game as I have ever played.

So that is my personal list. Let us know your top 10 PS4 console exclusives in the comments below!

Note: The views expressed in this article reflects solely that of the author’s and does not represent the view of the entire SP1st staff.